10 Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Contract Cleaner For Your Cleaning Needs

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Contract Cleaner For Your Cleaning Needs

Hiring a team of professionals to regularly clean your office, school, or commercial building is what you need to keep your space clean, tidy, and inviting to visitors. 

If you’re relying on your in-house staff to keep your building clean, you might find things aren’t cleaned to the highest standards and they’re running out of time to do other tasks that are more important in the day to day running of your business. 

Plus, they’ll feel miserable having to clean and do their work! Nobody wants to spend time cleaning up after coworkers, so don’t put that pressure on your staff.  

Today we’re here to show you why you should invest in commercial cleaning by talking about the ten benefits of cleaning services.

1. Saves time

investing in commercial cleaning will save you and your team a lot of time in the office. Cleaning up after your staff or getting your employees to tidy up after their colleagues take time away from the work they should be doing for you. 

Hire a professional cleaning team to come in and take all the cleaning duties off your staff’s hands. Now, they’ll be able to focus more on the tasks you’ve set rather than trying to clean up after people. 

With a team of commercial cleaners, you’ll save more time and be able to focus on the parts of your business that matter.

2. Improves productivity

A clean environment is proven to help improve productivity rates and the satisfaction of workers, students, and visitors. If you keep your building clean at all times, you will make the working environment a lot more comfortable for your team. 

Think of it this way if your office is unkempt and uncared for, then your team will reflect that in their work. It’s easy to stop caring when you’re stuck in an unpleasant environment. 

94% of workers are more productive in a clean workspace, and 77% produce better quality work in a cleaner environment

So to ensure your team’s productivity never dwindles, hire a team of cleaners who will make sure your office or building is always spotless.

3. Keeps costs down in the long run

A healthy working environment is crucial in keeping the number of sick days amongst your team to a minimum. 

Illness and injury can’t be avoided, of course, and you’ll have to deal with the productivity loss and pay for sick leave. But, by keeping a clean, tidy, and safe working environment, you’ll be able to reduce some of the sick days taken during the year. 

If you think cutting down on cleaning costs saves you money, think again! With detailed commercial cleaning services in your office, you’ll be able to reduce illness and injury. This will end up saving you more money later down the line.

4. Better quality cleaning

Commercial cleaners offer a much higher quality cleaning service than your staff, or a regular cleaner can offer. They’re used to cleaning high-traffic areas, so they know exactly how to clean every inch of your building. 

Whether it’s a commercial building, an office, a warehouse, a hospital, or even a school, commercial cleaners will provide you with a quality clean like no other.

5. Enhances your company image

As a company, it’s your job to always look good to your clients and visitors. If your store or office looks dirty or messy, then people won’t want to work with you or even check out what you’re offering. 

Parents won’t send their children to a dirty school, especially when COVID-19 is still rampant in Irish schools. 

So to ensure that everybody is comfortable while on your premises, a team that knows what they’re doing when it comes to cleaning.

6. Tailored to your specific needs

One of the best things about commercial cleaning services is that they can be tailored exactly to your unique needs and requirements. 

No matter what you do, how big your building is, how often you need cleaning services, or how dirty your space gets, a commercial cleaning company will be able to create a tailored schedule just for you.

7. Access to the correct equipment and supplies

Commercial cleaners don’t just use the regular cleaning equipment you can buy in the shop. They have heavy-duty cleaners, professional equipment, and the supplies they need to make your space look spotless daily. 

With a team of professional cleaners on your side, you’ll have access to an arsenal of cleaning equipment that will do a much better job than a simple mop and bucket. They’ll be able to deep clean rooms so they’re sanitised and free of dirt, germs, and bacteria.

8. Better for the environment

Most commercial cleaning companies use eco-friendly materials in their work. These aren’t as harsh as some chemicals, so they won’t impact your employee’s health. 

Plus, when a commercial cleaner cleans a space, they know exactly how much product to use and how to use it effectively. This stops product waste, so everything is cleaned as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.

9. Improves customer satisfaction

First impressions are everything, and by keeping your store or office clean, you’ll easily impress your customers. A spotless office screams ‘professional business’ and will help you attract more clients through the door.

10. Gives you peace of mind

There’s nothing worse than panicking over how you’re going to clean the office before your next client comes in. Or, wondering how you can make time to deep clean toilets and the breakroom kitchen so they don’t smell anymore.

With commercial cleaning, you’ll finally be able to relax. You won’t have to worry about putting in the effort because there will be a whole team there to do it for you.

Take the pressure off and hire a team that knows exactly how to clean your building for you.

Here at Cleaning Contractors, we offer a wide range of services to help you keep your office, school, shop, warehouse or building clean and safe all year round.

Our services include:

  • Complete daily cleaning
  • Cleaning during or after school hours
  • Room sanitisation
  • Deep cleaning services

We’re Ireland’s largest contract cleaning company that has been providing reliable cleaning services nationwide for over 30 years.

Get in touch with our professional team of cleaners today to help keep your space clean all year round.

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